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creditshelf is a pioneer in the field of digital SME financing in Germany that arranges loans via its online platform The company, which was founded in 2014 and is based in Frankfurt am Main, sees itself as a market and technology leader in the fast-growing digital SME finance business in Germany. It has developed its platform to meet the specific financing needs of German SME borrowers by means of loans provided by investors interested in this particular asset class. The investors are specialised funds, family offices, asset managers, foundations, banks and highly solvent enterprises. creditshelf expands the financing mix of small and medium-sized companies by providing access to highly attractive financing alternatives. At the same time, creditshelf offers professional investors looking for attractive investment opportunities access to SME-risks of SMEs not active on the capital markets. creditshelf's core competencies include the selection of suitable credit projects, analysis of potential borrowers' creditworthiness using a proprietary risk-algorithm, and the provision of credit scoring and risk-adequate pricing. It receives fees for its services from both SME borrowers and investors. creditshelf is the first German fintech listed in the Prime Standard at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In the period from the launch of the creditshelf Platform in 2015 until end of the fiscal year 2019, creditshelf received applications for loan projects with a total requested volume of more than EUR 3 billion. Of these, the SME financier arranged a total of more than EUR 190 million, of which approximately EUR 88 million in the fiscal year 2019 alone. creditshelf considers itself to be ideally positioned for future growth due to the high scalability of its business model, the strong demand from SME borrowers and the dynamic market environment.


Video interview with creditshelf CEO Dr. Tim Thabe and CFO Fabian Brügmann