Investor Relations
Management Board
Dr. Tim Thabe, (CEO)
Dr. Tim Thabe
Chairman of the Management Board and CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Dr. Tim Thabe is creditshelf’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founded the company in 2014. His main tasks are defining and implementing the business strategy, human resources, finance, tax and group accounting, marketing and corporate communications. Before co-founding creditshelf, Dr. Tim Thabe worked as credit risk officer and rating advisor at Goldman Sachs in London, United Kingdom, as well as in multiple positions evolving around the credit sector at UBS in Zurich, Switzerland.
 Dr. Daniel Bartsch,
Dr. Daniel Bartsch
Deputy Chairman of the Management Board and COO (Chief Operating Officer)
Dr. Daniel Bartsch co-founded creditshelf in 2014 and is its Chief Operating Officer. He is responsible for business development, operational business and sales. Before his time at creditshelf, Dr. Daniel Bartsch worked as project manager and management consultant at Kienbaum Consultants International and as project manager and senior consultant at Bain & Company. Afterwards, he worked in multiple positions at UBS, including leading positions in Zurich, Switzerland, and Singapore.
Dr. Mark Währisch,
Dr. Mark Währisch
CRO (Chief Risk Officer)
Dr. Mark Währisch is Chief Risk Officer at creditshelf. His main tasks are product development, risk management, credit analytics, credit operations as well as legal and compliance. He joined the company in 2016. Before that, Dr. Mark Währisch worked as an expert in credit risk and corporate finance for KPMG, Frankfurt, Germany, for Moody's Investor Service, London, United Kingdom, and Goldman Sachs, also London, United Kingdom.